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Senior Project

Overview of the Senior Project


The senior project is a graduation requirement imposed by the State of Idaho.  It is not part of a class and is not figured into the grade point average; it is graded as pass or fail.

Near the end of the junior year, students will submit a proposal to be approved by the project board or returned for revision.  The proposal form is posted on  It must be typed, printed, and signed by a parent or guardian.  The minimum requirements for a project to be approved are as follows:

  • It must fulfill one or more of the following criteria:
    • It must be a stretch to a new skill or experience.
    • If it is not completely new, it must show substantial growth or innovation.
    • It must serve or impact the community in a positive way.
  • It must require at least twenty hours of independent work outside of school hours.
  • It must not be something already required for a class or award.

Seniors will show evidence of completion in two ways.  First, they will keep a substantial, detailed journal, which they will submit to their English teacher in six installments of at least 300 words each.  Although they may have those installments written beforehand if they complete their project early, those installments will be turned in at each midterm and quarter, with the project completed and the final installment submitted at the end of the third quarter.  Late installments will be penalized 10 percent for each school day they are late, and will not be accepted after the tenth day.

Second, seniors will prepare visual or audible evidence, in the form of a physical product, pictures, video, recording, or performance, and present it at the senior project open house on April 5, 2017, and before a panel of judges on the following day.  These two events must take precedence over any other event; in truly extraordinary circumstances, only the project board may approve exceptions.  Students must be physically present at the open house to display their results, dressed professionally (collared shirt and tie for boys, dress or appropriate business attire for girls), and answering questions.  Their display will include a tri-fold poster and a portfolio.

In addition to the project, journal, open house, and presentation to a panel of judges, each senior will write an MLA-formatted research paper on a related topic in English class and include it in the portfolio.  Although the paper will count for a grade in English, it will also be a requirement to pass the senior project.

In order to pass the senior project, each of the following elements must receive passing grades:

  • The senior project proposal.
  • The project journal.
  • The presentation at the community open house.
  • The presentation before a panel of judges.
  • The portfolio.
  • The senior research paper.

For a more detailed explanation of the requirements for the open house, the presentation to a panel of judges, and the portfolio, see the rubrics in the Senior Project Handbook

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