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Greg Larson
208-548-2221 ext. 2231

School Board Members

Zone 1
Karen Hunter

Zone 2
Timothy May

Zone 3
Catherine Hendrickson (Chair)

Zone 4
Erin Barnard (Vice Chair)

Zone 5
Sharee Petersen (Treasurer)

District Clerk

Carolyn Anderson
208-548-2221 ext. 2597

District Staff

Transportation Director
Misty Parish
208-548-2221 ext. 2522

Ray Turnbeaugh

208-548-2221 ext. 2548

Technology Director
Rosann Mathews
208-548-2221 ext. 2544

Office Assistant
Lorraine McHargue

Rockland School Dist. 382

Rockland School District No. 382 consists of grades K-12 with an enrollment of approximatley 160 students. The first Rockland School Building was a log house built by volunteer labor in 1883. This building served as a meeting place for the community, as well as a social center where dances and celebrations were held--not unlike the current building. Several schoolhouses have served the district since that time with the latest being built in 1994.

The District is situated in a valley surrounded by rolling hills and mountains. It is a quiet, rural community which centers most of its activities around the school. In cooperation with the family and community, the District is dedicated to educating the whole child with special emphasis placed on dignity and self worth. We stress acceptance of differences, we emphasize cooperation with concern for others, and we prize the unique worth of each individual. Our district is committed to providing an atmosphere that is safe, informal and friendly, a professional staff that is constantly learning and growing, and an environment where students work together and respect one another.

Our Mission:

Rockland School District 382 is committed to providing an atmosphere that is safe and friendly where children work together and respect one another. We stress the importance of classroom discipline and responsibility. Students will be competent in basic academic and social skills, including mathematical and scientific reasoning, problem solving, reading, writing, speaking, and technology. The students will recognize their own worth and the uniqueness of each individual. Students will possess mental and physical skills and abilities necessary to be positive contributors to their families, communities, and nation. They will lead full, productive, and responsible adult lives.

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